Let’s make a quick costs comparison between disposable diapers and cloth diapers:

Disposable diapers

On average, a baby needs to be changed 6 to 8 times per day and a toddler 5 to 6 times. For calculation, we take an average of 6 times per day knowing this number can vary given the family habits, baby’s health, the quantity of fluid baby produces. Also, we estimate that baby is in diapers for an average of 2.5 years.

Altogether, baby is in diapers for 912.5 days and uses 5’475 diapers. In Switzerland, the average price for a diaper is 0.46 CHF on average (0.28€ on average in France in 2013). Parents spend for each child on average 2’518.50 CHF (1’095 CHF for the COOP “prix garantie” or MIGROS “budget” and 3’558.75 CHF for the PAMPERS active fit).

Sustain A Bum cloth diapers 

The Sustain a Bum diapers are One-Size-Fits-All which means you will be able to use them on babies 5 to 15 kilos. The initial outlay for modern cloth diapers may seem large – they may cost you between 450 CHF and 650 CHF initially. To which you can add an average of 250 CHF for the washing machine depreciation, the water, detergent and electricity costs for the 2.5 years your baby will be wearing diapers.

Cloth diaper will cost you between 700 CHF to 900 CHF everything included. 

You can save on average 1’800 CHF per child and more if you reuse the cloth diapers for your baby’s siblings or if you resell them.


In case you were wondering, 1'800 CHF is equal to:

  • a really fancy stroller plus some great accessories for your baby

  • a new couch

  • 180 babysitting hours

  • 2 fitness pass for a year

  • 1 macbook 13''

  • 2 tickets for New York from Europe plus a couple of nice evenings in some hotels

  • 2 new bikes and a trailer to carry your baby

  • ... and many other things

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